Packaged Metering Manholes (PPM)

TRACOM fiberglass Packaged Metering Manholes (PPM) offer a complete solution to monitor influent or effluent flow in municipal and industrial applications. Made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), TRACOM packaged metering manholes are lightweight, corrosion resistant, watertight, structurally strong, and built to meet the stringent ANSI / ASTM D-3753 "Standard Specifications for Fiber-Reinforced Manholes".

Each TRACOM packaged metering manhole comes complete and ready for immediate installation.

A complete TRACOM metering manhole includes:

  • Integral flume for flow measurement
  • Choice of cover styles
  • Pipe adapters
  • Fiberglass access ladder with stainless steel reinforced, photoluminescent rungs
  • NPT coupling for wiring and tubing access
  • Integral Floor and base mounting flange

All of the packaged metering manhole pieces are glassed together. There are no joints or seals to allow for the inflow of water into the manhole. This watertight integrity can result in substantial saving on sewer bills. Additionally, TRACOM packaged metering manholes weigh approximately 1/10th of a traditional concrete manhole, minimizing the amount of manpower and machinery need to the install the unit.

Dome top packaged metering manhole with
integral Palmer-Bowlus flume being installed


Most sizes and styles of flumes manufactured by TRACOM can be fitted to a packaged metering manhole.

Simply choose the flume that best fits your flow rates and flow stream composition.

Flumes available for integration include:

Parshall picturePalmer-Bowlus pictureTrapezoidal pictureH-Type picture


TRACOM offers the largest number of standard covers to complete your packaged metering manhole.

Standard cover options include

Dome Top Style
  • Greatest access to manhole interior
  • Stainless steel lockable hasp
  • Stainless steel piano hinge
  • Locking lift arm
  • Available for 4'-0", 5'-0", and 6'-0" manhole diameters
  • Intended for non-traffic / non-pedestrian applications
Dome Top Style

Aluminum Hatch Style
  • Steel and aluminum construction available
  • Water tight or non-water tight
  • Available with custom engraving, spring assists, and multiple lock configurations
  • Available for 4'-0", 5'-0", and 6'-0" manhole diameters
  • Intended for pedestrian loading or low profile applications
Dome Top Style

H-20 Highway Traffic Loading Style
  • 22 " and 31 " openings
  • Conforms to AASHO H-20 Axial Loading specification
  • Available for 4'-0", 5'-0", and 6'-0" manhole diameters
  • Intended for road, highway, or parking lot use
  • Ready for customer supplied grade ring and cover
  • Optional composite manhole cover
  • Standard stainless steel pull-up ladder assist (depths of 4' and greater)
Dome Top Style

Packaged Metering Manhole Options and Accessories
  • Instrument mounting plates and shelves
  • Motorized and non-motorized vents
  • Interior lighting
  • GFCI electrical outlets
  • Intermediate platforms
  • Additional utility taps

If you would like additional , pricing, or assistance in sizing and specifying a packaged metering manhole, please fill out and submit our information request form.